Connie's Story

"There’s so much help out there, and for women, to talk to each other and get support from each other, that's really important”

Tim's Story

"I’ve no problem talking about OAB – a lot of men definitely would have, they’d find it very embarrassing and they wouldn’t talk to their friends or anyone about it"

Your pelvic floor


Managing your urge to urinate

Tips and advice

Pelvic floor exercises for OAB


Pelvic floor exercises

Sitting and standing

Debbie Allen - Staying #InControl

"It's very hard to stay on top of everything and sometimes your health can take a back seat... So here are my tips for staying #InControl"

Debbie Allen & Professor Barry O'Reilly talk OAB

"Professor O'Reilly talks about symptoms, commonality and the day to day impact of Overactive Bladder"

How #InControl are you?

"We ask the people how #InControl they are in many aspects of life... Including their bladders!"

Pelvic floor exercises
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Bladder Diary